• Strands: Best used on dry or damp hair. Put 10-15 drops into your hand. Warm oils by briefly rubbing your hands together. Finger comb from root to ends and scrunch the excess oils into the ends of hair. Proceed with regular styling routine.
  • Scalp:
    • Option 1: Apply 10 drops directly to scalp using dropper and gently massage in circular motion to work throughout entire scalp. Proceed with normal styling routine.
    • Option 2: drop 10 drops onto finger tips. Briefly rub together to warm the product. Work coated fingertips through scalp applying evenly throughout. Proceed with normal styling routine.
    • Add to your favorite conditioner, styling creams or gels if desired.


  • Face: After washing your face, apply 5 drops to clean hands. Rub together briefly to activate the oils. Apply to skin by dabbing all over desired area and gently rubbing in circular motion (if desired).
  • Body:
    • Apply a few drops to rashes, irritations or abrasions on the body.
    • Combine with lotion or body cream for all over use.


  • Topically:
    • Apply two to three drops to the inside of wrists and rub together. Rub oiled wrists on back of neck if desired.
    • Massage two to three drops onto temples, chest or wherever relief is needed.
  • Diffuse: Add 3-5 drops of oil to the instructed amount of water for your diffuser.
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